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Learn to Design Better

Do you like to design your business marketing materials?

Are you interested in making your marketing materials more effective?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may benefit from our design for non-designers seminar. The seminar is intended to provide you with an understanding of page layout, type size and selection, the use of graphics and preparing your work for printing. Microsoft Publisher, MS Word and Adobe InDesign will be used as the sample software to demonstrate these concepts.

If you are interested, call 519–371–5955 during business hours. Space is limited to six people. The seminar is approximately 3 hours in length.

Trans-Promo Marketing

Looking for a low-cost way to increase sales, announce new products and improve customer loyalty? Trans-promo marketing may be for you.

Trans-promo combines marketing information with bills, statements and notices in the form of inserts and printing directly on statements. Businesses, realize they can take advantage of regular communications to reduce advertising costs, sell more products and develop customer loyalty. Sophisticated users tailor messages to specific customer groups and individuals using demographic and previous sales data.

Although many businesses are migrating billing notices and potentially all of their communications with customers to electronic forms, they may be ignoring the value that customers place on a tangible printed statement. It’s especially important to businesses in highly competitive markets where regular customer contact is beneficial.

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7 Deadly Mistakes of Restaurant Menu Design

The following is a list of some of the most common mistakes associated with the initial design and updating of your restaurant menu. They are easily avoidable and many are common sense. Call for help on the design and printing of your next menu. 

  1. Hand-written changes on the menu. Digital printing allows for quick and inexpensive menu updates so it is better to reprint when making pricing changes or discontinuing items. Not only is it time consuming making manual changes, it always looks “last minute” and adversely affects the look.
  2. Misspelled items and text. These errors can be eliminated with careful attention and editing by more than one person. If you design your own menu it is very easy to miss common errors that spell checkers do not detect.
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GoPro Cam at Sauble Speedway

Here is a sample race video taken at Sauble Speedway near Sauble Beach, Ontario. This was the last race of the night so there is limited light giving it an eerie effect. The driver of the car is Rick McCulloch of Chesley who graciously offered to have a camera on-board for this and other races that evening.

 Our GoPro HD Hero Cam was mounted in the car and does an admirable job despite the low light situation. This camera is extremely small and light so it is easy to mount almost anywhere and quite inconspicuous. The external shots were taken with a Canon 7D.

The Hero Cam is available for rent for action video projects.

Follow this link to see the video on Vimeo.  Sauble Speedway Night Race

Digital Signage

The Technology Centre has joined forces with Andrew Howlett owner of the local Nerds On Site franchise to provide digital signage for local businesses.
Digital sign
The Technology Centre sister company Proven Systems is responsible for developing advertising content which will include a variety of technologies including video, audio and flash animation. Nerds On Site is responsible for providing computer hardware, displays and hardware installation. Continue reading