Media Transfers

Media transfers are the process of converting a document, audio or video files to a digital version.


Documents be scanned (see document imaging) from paper or converted from digital files. Text files can be converted for use with different software programs or into PDF files where they can be further enhanced to facilitate searching and indexing.


Audio cassettes, records and magnetic tape recordings can all be converted to digital audio files suitable for playing on a stereo, computer or over the Internet.

Conversion is typically completed using a turntable, tape deck or other playback device connected to a computer with the necessary software. There are numerous audio file formats and qualities. The best option is generally determined by where it will be played.

Several enhancements can be made to most recordings to improve the volume, tone and playback speed. Magnetic tape recordings can be distorted due to tape stretch. Cracks, pops and scratches commonly plague recordings from albums and although not entirely removed, reduced.

Typical audio sources for conversion:

  • Records 33, 45 or 78 RPM
  • Reel-to-reel tapes
  • Cassette tapes and 8-tracks
  • Digital files in a variety of types

Photographs, Negatives & Slides

Printed photographs can be scanned using hi-resolution scanners to easily create a digital version. With resolutions up to 2400 DPI the converted result is commonly indistinguishable from the original when printed on a hi-resolution printer.

Negatives and slides can be converted using a film-scanner. These devices have exceptionally high resolution and the resulting file can be further enhanced to improve exposure, correct colour balance and grain.

The service is charged on per item basis plus processing.


VHS recordings can be converted to digital files and transferred to CD or DVD for playback on modern players and computers.

Digital Transfers & Encoding 

There are many types of video files created with a variety of cameras and video equipment and require encoding to make them playable on standard CD/DVD players and computers. Video files are commonly reduced in size for use on the Internet and may require changes to the aspect ratios to suit some screen sizes.

We provide editing and processing services on an hourly basis.

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