Trans-Promo Marketing

Looking for a low-cost way to increase sales, announce new products and improve customer loyalty? Trans-promo marketing may be for you.

Trans-promo combines marketing information with bills, statements and notices in the form of inserts and printing directly on statements. Businesses, realize they can take advantage of regular communications to reduce advertising costs, sell more products and develop customer loyalty. Sophisticated users tailor messages to specific customer groups and individuals using demographic and previous sales data.

Although many businesses are migrating billing notices and potentially all of their communications with customers to electronic forms, they may be ignoring the value that customers place on a tangible printed statement. It’s especially important to businesses in highly competitive markets where regular customer contact is beneficial.

How do you implement trans-promo in your business?

The simplest method is to include an insert with invoices. It can be in the form of a brochure, flyer or smaller insert. It takes little additional effort to stuff them in the envelope you are preparing anyway.

Printing directly on statements can be completed with common desktop printers but results will not match those prepared on professional equipment. Most accounting systems only allow for the smallest of marketing messages and few allow the inclusion of graphics which means it can commonly require a two-step printing process.

Although it may sound like a lot of extra work, the results are commonly worth it. Studies show that businesses generate a larger percentage of new sales from existing customers than those they do not have an existing relationship with. Knowing who you marketing to lets you sharpen your message and improve results.

Interested in implementing this idea in your business?

There are several ways we can help.

  • Design and printing of inserts
  • Printing of statements including folding, addressing and mailing
  • Design of graphics/ad messages for use on statements
  • Development/management of customer databases

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