Too Much Paper – Consider Imaging those Documents

Are you running out of space to save your paper files? Wasting valuable time searching for that hard-to-find information? Paying ever-increasing off-site storage fees? Concerned about the security of your paper records and the impact on your business if there were lost or damaged?

If any of these issues have crossed your mind, you need to consider the benefits that document imaging provides. (more…)

GoPro Cam at Sauble Speedway

Here is a sample race video taken at Sauble Speedway near Sauble Beach, Ontario. This was the last race of the night so there is limited light giving it an eerie effect. The driver of the car is Rick McCulloch of Chesley who graciously offered to have a camera on-board for this and other races that evening.

 Our GoPro HD Hero Cam was mounted in the car and does an admirable job despite the low light situation. This camera is extremely small and light so it is easy to mount almost anywhere and quite inconspicuous. The external shots were taken with a Canon 7D.

The Hero Cam is available for rent for action video projects.

Follow this link to see the video on Vimeo.  Sauble Speedway Night Race

Digital Signage

The Technology Centre has joined forces with Andrew Howlett owner of the local Nerds On Site franchise to provide digital signage for local businesses.
Digital sign
The Technology Centre sister company Proven Systems is responsible for developing advertising content which will include a variety of technologies including video, audio and flash animation. Nerds On Site is responsible for providing computer hardware, displays and hardware installation. (more…)

Synthetic Paper – New Product

Synthetic Paper, Durable and Waterproof

We field-tested a small map on a kayak trip where it frequently got wet, rolled up and bent and it resisted any mistreatment. You can even write on it in water-based marker and erase it with water.

Here are a few applications for this type of material. (more…)