Data & Programming

There are many business tasks that can be made more efficient by means of a small computer programmed or automated task process. We specialize in creating these simple task-driven applications using a variety of programming tools: Excel, MSAccess, FileMaker and VB.Net as well as Adobe’s ActionScript language.


Most software applications are large and cumbersome requiring extensive time become proficient and sometimes years to master. Few are designed to do very specific tasks, such as calculate job costs, manage a specific type of data or save you keystrokes on repetitive tasks.

Task-Driven Applications

The computer programs we design usually focus on a specific job. They are limited in scope but do a few things exceptionally well. They are easy to learn and use and updated when required.

Here are a few of the applications:

  • Cost estimation
  • Time-tracking
  • Marketing & sales support
  • Data consolidation and analysis
  • Conversion of data from one format to another

Data Conversions

Data is a valuable resource and can require considerable time to create so it is not something you should lose. There are many reasons why this can happen:

  • The original computer program in which data is stored is discontinued.
  • The original program is a custom creation and no longer supported.
  • The original program is no longer supported on a new computer or operating system.
  • You want to transfer the data from one program to another.
  • The want to add to the data currently being stored.
  • The original database is damaged or corrupted.

In all of these cases, the original data can be jeopardized or simply no longer available.

Project Estimates & Billing

Projects are billed on an hourly basis and in many cases a fixed price quotation can be provided when a proper system design has been completed. The standard billing rate is $65/hr – less on larger or fixed-price projects exceeding a minimum of 10 hours.

Small projects require an initial payment of 35-40% of the estimate cost with the balance due ion completion. In-progress billings are issued for larger projects on a monthly basis.