Hero Cam in our Rental Line-up

We have recently added a Hero HD video camera to our inventory of rental equipment. We love this unit and have used it in a small engine plane, on a kayak and canoe and mounted on a bike.

Do you ever wish your friends could experience that incredible ride? Well, now they can with stunning clarity and realism thanks to professional-grade HD, only from GoPro. The HD Helmet Hero records professional grade high definition video at 1920x1080p, so your most heroic moments and even your most epic bails are captured with more crystal clear detail than any other wearable camera on the market.

Giving you the largest field of view of any wearable camera, the HD Helmet Hero has got you covered with “full frame” recording at 1280x960p at 30 frames per second. This setting is essential for recording action sports such as motocross, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, where maximum field of view is crucial for capturing speed and technique. With every detail caught in incredibly wicked detail, you can almost feel every bump, embody every jump and feel the same adrenaline you felt while bombing around each new curve. Relive the rush of every ride with the stunning clarity of the GoPro HD Helmet Hero.

In addition to these mind blowing capabilities, the HD Helmet Hero also has a 720p setting. Capturing smooth, buttery footage at 30fps, the Helmet Hero also provides unbelievably flawless, jaw dropping slow motion video when shooting at 60fps.

This extremely small unit can mounted to almost any surface by means of adapters. This includes a suction cup for flat surfaces such as car hoods or body, boats, canoes, roof – just about any reasonably flat surface.

Available for rent by the day or week.

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